Businesses have the right to focus on business. They also have the right to be secure. From the boardroom to the cubicle, cell phones can distract from the task at hand and lose your company money. Zone of Silence can adapt to the unique needs of every workplace. ZoS gives businesses the freedom to:

  • Secure a small area or the entire office
  • Conduct meetings without distractions from cell phone calls or text messages
  • Designate unrestricted phones (Execs, IT, VIPs, etc.)
  • Select inbound numbers that are always allowed through
  • Deter personal texts while working
  • Adjust signal strength to allow visitors and employees to step outside for unobstructed cell phone access
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Deactivate ZOS remotely at any time

With Zone of Silence, 911 is ALWAYS enabled for the safety of your zone.

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