Commercial businesses have battled with cell phone etiquette issues since the turn of the millennium. In customer-focused industries, deterring and confronting patrons has become as distracting as the disturbance itself. Cinemas and live theaters are forced to make pre-show appeals for silence and restaurants are relegated to posting not-so-subtle signs that are more often than not ignored. Zone of Silence can adapt to the unique needs of every commercial business. ZoS gives commercial businesses the freedom to:

  • Avoid awkward exchanges between staff and customers
  • Prevent customers from confronting other customers over etiquette
  • Evade customer-unfriendly signage and messaging regarding phone usage
  • Designate unrestricted phones (staff, IT, VIPs, maintenance, etc.)
  • Select inbound numbers that are always allowed through
  • Adjust signal strength to allow patrons to step outside for unobstructed cell phone access
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Deactivate ZoS remotely at any time
  • Profit from patron loyalty to distraction-free establishments

Cinemas and Live Theaters
  • Patrons will enjoy a presentation without phones ringing
  • No blinding light from text messages
  • No more money spent on "silence your phone" messaging
  • No refunds or unhappy customers due to cell phone distractions

Restaurants and Meeting Halls
  • No more off-putting disciplinary signs about phone usage
  • Return the focus to ambiance
  • Offer large meetings with no distractions

  • Deter cheating
  • No more patrons placing bets over the phone or comparing lines
  • Less time on the phone means more time at the tables

  • Members and guests can enjoy a safe and secure locker room, with camera functionality automatically disabled.

With Zone of Silence, 911 is ALWAYS enabled for the safety of your zone.

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