Cheating and distractions at schools are at epidemic levels. Sixty-four percent of high school students cheated on a test in 2008, up from 60 percent in 2006*. Places of worship, intended to be a sanctuary for parishioners, are not immune to poor cell phone etiquette either. Today’s educators, both scholastic and spiritual, are in constant competition with cell phones. Zone of Silence can adapt to the unique needs of both. ZOS gives schools and places of worship the freedom to:

  • Conduct classes or services without distractions from cell phone calls or text messages
  • Designate unrestricted phones (staff, IT, maintenance, etc.)
  • Select inbound numbers that are always allowed through
  • Adjust signal strength to allow visitors and employees to step outside for unobstructed cell phone access
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Adjust the ZoS signal to include the entire campus, including staff offices
  • Deactivate ZoS remotely at any time
  • Be distinguished as a distraction-free organization

Schools and Universities
  • Students can learn and educators can teach without phones ringing
  • No distractions or cheating from text messages
  • ZoS can be configured to allow parents to call their children while blocking all other calls
  • ZoS can be turned on or off for school emergencies

Places of Worship
  • No more disciplinary announcements about phone usage
  • Keep the focus on the message
  • Avoid awkward exchanges between staff and parishioners
  • Prevent parishioners from confronting other parishioners over etiquette

* According to the 2008 Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth performed by the Josephson Institute.

With Zone of Silence, 911 is ALWAYS enabled for the safety of your zone.

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