Zone of Silence is a small wireless device that gives premise owners the ability to control in-zone cell phone and PDA functionalities such as: inbound calls, outbound calls, inbound SMS, outbound SMS, vibrate only notification, maximum screen brightness, internet connection and camera functionality. This is done without the use of jamming.

The wireless ZoS signal strength ranges from ten to 300 feet and is adjustable to the size of the zone. Large venues can effortlessly chain multiple devices together to create a larger zone.

ZoS is designed with safety, security and flexibility in mind. ZoS does not block any cell phone frequencies but instead communicates directly with individual cell phones to limit functionality and even allows designated phones to be free of ZoS restrictions. ZoS can be remotely deactivated at any time and the zone owner may also select inbound phone numbers that are always to be allowed through.

With Zone of Silence, 911 is ALWAYS enabled for the safety of your zone.

Product Comparison Chart


Zone of Silence
Active Frequency Jammers
(Cell Phone Jammers)
Frequency Changing Passive Blockers (sepecialized wallpaper, thick metal plating, etc.)
Block or Overload Cell Phone Frequencies  
Inadvertantly block emergency responders communications      
Illegal to Own or Operate (hefty fines and jail time)      
Expensive to Own, Operate or Install    

Always Allow 911 Emergency Calls      
Selectively Stop Inbound and/or Outbound Voice Calls      
Selectively Stop Inbound and/or Outbound Text Messages      
Limit Ringer Volume or Force Vibrate Mode      
Set Maximum Screen Brightness      
Stop Cell Phone Camera From Taking Pictures      
Stop Internet Access From Mobile Device
Exempt Cell Phones From Restrictions Based On Phone Numbers      
Designate Numbers That Can Call Other Numbers Even if Restricted      
Remote turn-off ability in case of natural or other disaster      
Notification of missed call or text message      
Easy to Install    
Online Configuration      

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